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If this is a car show, it must be the fanciest one ever staged.

These cars were the top ten earners for UNO International Corporation and were showcased during their anniversary celebration and awards night.

Organized by Eventscape, the affair was a tech galore as these sleek rides weren’t the only novelties exhibited. As the innovative sister companies Video Sonic and Grupo Lumina were invited to spice things up, they peppered the event with the gadgets they’re well known for.

Grupo Lumina provided attendees with a futuristic feel by presenting some of the awardees and the board of directors by hologram.

Video Sonic supplied their trademark LED setup. Proving that going beyond what’s usual is a norm for them, this setup acted like a doorway allowing the cars to be brought up onstage.

This montage of the sleek, modern, and aesthetic demonstrates that with this innovative duo, anything is possible.

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